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Family Portraits - How to Keep Them For Stressing You the Eff Out

If not well organized, family portraits can be the biggest time delay of the day! In order to avoid that, make sure to provide your photographer with a detailed list of the groups you want portraits of. Reminding those people the night before where to be and when, as well as asking them not to leave that spot until the photographers are finished, could save you your sanity. It’s also helpful to have a family member (or even one from each side) on hand to find missing family members. Your photography team doesn’t know who people are so they are not the best ones to track down people for family and group photos!

If you can, try to do your family photos directly following the ceremony! This guarantees all family members are in one spot and you can even have your officiant remind family to stay behind for family photos. This is particularly helpful if you have a large family, as it is easier than having everyone travel somewhere else for photos and risk people getting lost, etc.

I hope that you’ve been enjoying these tips and finding them helpful! If you’d like to see more of my work, head over to my website or visit my Instagram/Facebook pages!

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