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Did ya hear about sunset photos?

Today were talking all about sunset photos! One of my favorite parts of any wedding day is sunset photos. These photos ALWAYS end up being my absolute favorite bride and groom portraits from the day, and they are always my couples’ favorite photos as well.

So when exactly is sunset time, or “golden hour”? Typically it’s between an hour and a half to thirty minutes before the sun sets. This is the PERFECT time to take portraits! However, with a typical wedding timeline, portrait time is not at sunset (it’s normally midday or early afternoon). But, there’s still a way to capture the dreamy portraits that golden hour provides!

The way to do this is to sneak out during your reception for some extra portraits. You can typically accomplish these in 10-15 minutes, so it doesn’t take long at all! It all depends on how your timeline is set up, but typically this happens at the end of dinner or after your other reception events are finished. No one will even notice you are gone for 10 minutes!

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